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Take the leap


The best time to take a chance on your dreams is NOW.  Why wait any longer? I’m sure you could give me a lot of reasons why now is not the right time…if not now, then its never! Because you will always find another excuse….and some excuses sound so real, you almost beleive them.

You dont have to wait for things to be perfect… you just need to start.

THINK: of what youd love to be doing, hold a clear image in your mind, see yourself achieving it

START: release your intention to the universe, then start making plans towards it, you dont need to know the how, only your why, the universe will start setting plans in motion for you, believe you can achieve it, see yourself achieving it, have faith you will get it, and act at once when the universe instructs you to through divine intellegence.

RIDE: today we are riding the wave created by our thoughts of yesterday.  Todays thoughts and actions are creating our ride for tomorrow. With the right thoughts and actions, tomorrow we get to take the ride of living our dreams.

So the best time to take a chance on your dreams is NOW. We can thank ourselves tomorrow.

We really want to see you living your dreams and inspiring others. Send us a pic of you chasing your dreams, or let us know how you go about living your dreams on a daily bases.

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