@Thinkn_Man is a massive lover of the ocean and everything to do with the ocean from riding his body board, surf boards, Sups, wave runner, IRB’s (Inflatable Rescue Boats), to diving and snorkeling.

@Thinkn_Man’s philosophy is to help and guild others in their pursuit of their own personal greatness.

In 2018 @Thinkn_Man did his Bronze Medallion and joined Tallebudgera SLSC as a patrolling member.

In 2020 @Thinkn_Man become a Support Ops Team member patrolling Gold Coast Beaches on a wave runner for SLSQ.

In 2021 @Thinkn_Man was awarded a “National Rescue Medal” from Parliament,  the “Majoral-Award for outstanding Service” by the Mayor of the Gold Coast, and was recognised as an “Everyday hero” by Tennis Australia who featured @Thinkn_Man’s voice for “Hawk Eye” Live line calling at the Australian Open 2021 for the efforts of his Patrol  Group on Australia day 2021 in a mass rescue of 7 Islanders at Tallebudgera beach. 



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